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The question of the ages, (Not really:) But an interesting story to be certain and one told best by Sensi.

I recently had the pleasure of hearing the recital first hand and found it fascinating. Sensi recounts his walking trek from Huntington to Binxonia with another incredible character named Sabine, almost naked, no horse, and no supplies. In comes McNugget, Vigo, and DG.

McNuggett was the designer of the map of Binx and DG created the other town maps.

The never ending saga continues at Ogre Island with many many new and exciting charaters, adventures, and stories. Fliping is a very gifted young player, Take a trip to Mysties with him if you dare :), You can often see one of the outstanding Smiths in Plymouth Warf (coords 2940-956) like Moridor creating items of Iron, Silver, Gold, and Titanium.

Other Ogre Island game experts have come and gone, reappear and disappear (with the help of Vagabond, the creators, Elvin Cloaks. Contests, Caves, Forests, and Wastelands meld together to complete the vision of the team at OI.

Take a quest from me and visit Ogre Island!

Dalton Haile aka Wyverex Google Me


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  1. Ogre Island Rocks, and yes, the question of the age for all newbies is who was first. Listen into Sensis tale if you get the chance, very well done.

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