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Adventure Quest at! Welcome to the World of Lore! Here you will find keys to vast power, dangerous mysteries, and untold riches. Monsters await around every corner to challenge you, and strange lands must be explored.

Check for the basics, how to’s, getting t level 15, and fun with Adventure Quest with Wyverex and Wavecritter’s online Radio on Adventure Quest!

Fighter, Mage, and rogue: Each starts with different equipment and a stat boost.

Battleon starting town is Yalgars Inn.

Artix Von Kreeger

Fight the monster Soralag.

Fighting is turn based with menu.

Very self explanatory.

Acquire a wind based damage weapon early on in the game.

1000 free gold just to confirm your email.

Listen into the show for some great tips and tricks, Secrets of Lore, and much more 🙂

Wyverex and Wavecritter aka Dalton and Stephanie Haile Google Us 🙂



  1. Soralag is rhe dangerous monster,it should around lv 32

  2. I hates it! (The monster in a city? Oh my GAWD!)

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