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‘Tis the season for Video Games and Gaming!


The town of Grimwald Hold in Ogre Island.

Brass and Woodly posed for a Christmas shot by the snowman and Christmas Tree in Grimwald Hold near the bank. A brilliant forge town created for the players at Ogre Island.


Here is the Hub Town of Plymouth Wharf all dressed up for the Christmas Holiday! Woodly The Sawdust Taco enjoying the festive decoration here.


Woodly’s Home Town of Crystal Cove near the newest Christmas additions and vendors. Six Reindeer steer the potion vendor’s cart straight toward Christmas at Ogre Island 🙂


Binxonia is one of the “starter towns” in Ogre Island where new players can get acclimated to the island easily. What a beautiful Christmas Tree and Snowman for the NPC (non player character) Seth to care for over the holidays 🙂


Wavecritter took a trip over to Binxonia after an while. The snowmen have melted it seems but now we have an Ogre Island Steaker (not really 🙂 He has his boxers on! So festive, I think he was in a hurry to view the scenery for Christmas at Ogre Island 🙂

Come by and take a peek at Christmas on Ogre Island 🙂


Wyverex and Wavecritter aka Dalton and Stephanie Haile ( oh! and Woodly The Sawdust Taco )


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