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WoW Level 70

WoW Level 70

From my observations with World of Warcraft, the grind to Level 70 is nothing compared to the effort it will take from Level 70 to Level 80.

Consider this: The experience points from level 69 to Level 70 are around 700,00 …

… Whereas the experience from Level 70 to Level 71 is 1.5 Million 🙂

The achievement to climb to Level 80 is more than worth the power of a Level 80.

Soloing a Level 60, 40 man raid is what you can expect from a Level 80 toon.

From a Level 70, you can expect to be almost immortal in any instance (other than heroics).

Level 60 seems to be the right of passage, Level 70 is the entrance to eliteness 1337-ness 😉

Level 80 …

… Your step into the History Books of WoW!


Dalton and Stephanie Haile aka Wyverex and Wavecritter 🙂


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