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Video Games and Gaming Tainted Kingdom Armor Games


While viewing the cinematic you learn of a conspiracy …

The company you are commandings captain has been accused of treason (crimes against the kingdom) and your mission is to take control of an outpost.

You begin with 50 men and the first mission is fairly easy, sort of get to know the controls and game standby … attack away!

The next mission you begin by viewing the cinematic and venture to the mineral fields toward the city of Derasmus. This is the mission that teaches you how to create troops.

The object of the game is to discover what has happened to the old Captain, why was he accused?

The game play is fairly simple until level 3 when you will need to become a heavy defensive player (best get your mind set as defense before you even start 🙂

The first round of level 3, try to destroy the green players base. If that fails, do nothing but bolster your defenses, fortify!

Create as many troops as possible, a very challenging strategy based Armor game … Free to play … Enjoy!!!

Video Games and Gaming Armor Games Tainted Kingdom 🙂

Listen Into Video Games and Gaming Armor Games Show for many more tips 🙂

Video Games and Gaming GemCraft Armor Games. Tonight we get crazy with some fun little Armor Games beginning with GemCraft! A strategy based tower defense game! Complete with helper tips to get you headed in the right direction 🙂 A Second Strategy Game Tainted Kingdom by Armor Games is also in the line up for tonights Video Games and Gaming fun!”

Dalton Haile aka Wyverex Google me 🙂


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