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Circus Maximus by Encore and rated “T” for Teen (check it out though, it’s not as bad as all that, parents play it and see, I think younger players would learn some great skills from this one)

The scene, a Colosseum, the style, Roman Chariot Racing 🙂 Recommendation from Video Games and gaming is to begin in the tutorial section and complete each mission (well, maybe except the 2nd driving one lol 🙂 as each subsequent training incorporates the previous one learned and adds a new zesty challenge to it.

The first function to be learned is “pace”. Teaching you to keep your horses strong throughout the whole race and not to tire them before the end.

Second is Chariot Control. Getting the navigation of curves down, ducking under obstacles, and keeping your Chariot from rolling or flipping over 🙂

The next training challenge is retrieving “Power Ups”. These power ups give health, speed boosts, melee attack power, or you can pick up thrown items. Also, learn how to run over spectators running around the inside racing area of the Colosseum for extra Dinar (Roman Currency).

Your second driving challenge has many obstacles, ducking, and power maneuvers. If you actually complete this training mission you are doing quite well, but don’t worry about it being a priority 🙂

Tres, Due, Una! Get used to hearing this (it really pumps you up for the next race:) as this is the countdown to begin each race!

Shout Outs like “All Hail!”, “That’s Domination”, “Your Doing Great”, or “The Day is Yours” will be heard when you are racing well. If you are racing extremely well, then the Roman caller will need to cut you down a bit, not on your driving (because you rock!, but on whatever else he can think of:) like “I’m Better Looking Than You!” 🙂

If you aren’t driving so well, then he has much to say about that as well 🙂 “”Does Baby Need His Mommy?”, “Maybe You Should Trade The Horses Places?”, or “My Grandmother Drives Better Than You”. 🙂

The Romans are King of the Chariot Races but you have the opportunity to also race as the Iceni, Huns, Fantasy, Greek, Romans, Amazons, and Africans. As they were all adept Chariot Racers in the day too (not sure about the “Fantasy” historically, but lol:).

Your Chariot Horse Team choices are also the same with Grecian, Roman, African (Zebras not Horses here:), Iceni, Fantasy, Hun, and Amazonian Horse Teams.

Your final two choices are for the Attacking Men and Chariot Driver. These are some outstanding choices and your decisions really can make a big difference. Listen into our show on Circus Maximus and Thief Deadly Shadows to find out our top choices for each team, the fastest, best fighter, driver combo and more 🙂

Attacking Men:

Iceni – Praetorius

Hun – Gensoric

Fantasy – Aurora

Roman – Marcus

Greek – Talos

Amazon – Valeria

African – Kulunga

Your Chariot Driver choices are varied as well:

Iceni – Celtillus

Hun – Wulf

Fantasy – Gargantus

Roman – Tiberius

Greek – Metos

Amazonian – Rebeka

African – Maja

So, listen into the Video Games and Gaming Circus Maximus show for more tips 🙂 This show also covers Thief Deadly Shadows!

Video Games and Gaming

Wyverex and Wavecritter aka Dalton and Stephanie Haile


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  1. This looks like a good game. I can suggest it to my brother. He likes games which have wars in them. I am a more calm person and like horses and horse racing games. I usually play and enjoy the action in the racing of horses.

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