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One of the greatest of all series video games, Castlevania, has been played since early Nintendo 🙂 Tonights show at was all about the Castlevania series game with advanced help, tips, strategies, and helpers mainly on Catlevania Syphony of the Night (rated M for Mature), Castlevania Curse of Darkness (rated T for Teen), and the original N64 version. Full of “need to knows” to complete the game!

Some basic starter tips to get to advanced levels, which games are best to learn on, differences between the games, your hero and the controls, enemies with extra tips for boss stages, and Easter Eggs! We all love the added bonus Easter Eggs 🙂

So, listen into the show and pwn on Castlevania!

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Wyverex and Wavecritter aka Dalton and Stephanie Haile Google Us 🙂


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