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Morrowind is one of the ultimate video games and gaming adventures. Available for play on the Xbox and PC, it is the quest of the world of Vardenfell for video gamers.

Morrowind is a fantasy adventure RPG offered on the XBox gaming system and PC. In the video games and gaming world, Morrowind is a best of all game. Hours and Days of replay value and excitement await you as you delve deeper into the land of Vardenfell, on the Island of Morrowind.

After loading screen and going through the cool intro, you choose a name and listen to Jiub, you begin on a ship and beginning tutorial is provided. From the dock, you choose to be one of the 10 races and continue with guards to the census office where you have many options for “class”.

Morrowind’s choice of “Class” is defined as your style of play such as combat specialist, magic specialist, or stealth specialist with sub classes, and melding of classes.

Knights aren’t just pure combat specialists, they can enchant equipment and cast restoration spells.

A witch hunter does not need to be just a magic user they also can be adept fighters with ranged weapons or staves.

Spellswords are exceptional magic users and fair me lee fighters that can augment themselves to do Titan-like damage.

Nightblades are the ultimate in thieving. They use the illusion of invisibility, alteration of undetectability, and can be virtually untouchable.

A Battlemage is a Spellsword on steroids. Basically their magic is almost entirely damage oriented. The weapons the Battlemage uses, like the Ax, does uber damage.

Healers are just as the name implies. They heal others as well as themselves but also hold their own as excellent hand to hand combatants. Morrowind is a totally different game played as a healer and is very challenging. The utmost challenge if you don’t glitch. Glitching basically nullifies all class restrictions.

Monks use no swords and wear very little, if any, armour. They rely on hand to hand combat with blunt weapons such as staves and hammers. Restorative spells augment their hand to hand combat. Monks are a fun challenge to be played as a beast race.

The agent is for lack of a better destination, a great spy. They were born with a silver tongue, sneaky individuals that use illusion spells to augment their charms. Are able to conquer beasts to assist their fighting. The agent needs not carry any weapons as he can manifest them out of thin air.

The other classes are very specialized with little room for customization. They are fun but more challenging. Here is a short list of the other classes: Acrobat, Archer, Assassin, Barbarian, Bard, Crusader, Mage, Pilgrim, Rogue, Scout, Sorcerer, Thief, and Warrior.

Creating a custom class is also an option and a great way to continue Morrowinds “play your own way” feel. Morrowinds replay value can’t be beat by any game except other Elder Scrolls games. Morrowind was chosen as game of the year by Gamespy and Gamespot in 2002 and voted RPG of the year by XBox magazine. “Each event is preceded by a prophecy, but without the hero, there is no event.” Zurian Articus.

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