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Castlevania Curse of Darkness is a unique video game for the XBox system in the Castlevania series. Gamers and programmers call special surprises hidden throughout the game “Easter Eggs” and are still present in this video games and gaming series. Weapon combining, innocent devils, the double jump right from the start, and special weapons are some of the greatest draws to this video game.

Weapon Combining in the Castlevania Curse of Darkness Game on the XBox system is an art. Castlevania Curse of Darkness differs from other Castlevania games in the video games and gaming world in that instead of buying your weapons from a shop, you make your own. Yes, this is a big draw to this Castlevania. With special materials that enemies drop or by stealing these items from the enemies, you create your own weapons. Generally, with weapon combining you need to use a previously created weapon along with a material or materials like jet black, aluminum bronze, carbon steel, ether, ceramics, etc. to create your new, better weapon. For example, jet black creates a broad sword.

The first sword that you will be able to make is a short sword. Using bronze, this is one of the few weapons in the game that does not require another “starter” weapon to make.

Castlevania Curse of Darkness

Castlevania Curse of Darkness

Their are certain weapons and armor in the game that are quite amusing. A baseball jersey, schoolboy cap, and a clown suit are a few. You don’t actually “view” these items on Hector (Hector is your main characters name in Castlevania Curse of Darkness), but the clown suit will raise your luck and the sports kit increases your strength. Play around with the armor choices to see which suit will work best for you in each situation. It is a plus in game play to change both your weapons and your armor during battles and between to saturate your stats to your benefit.

The funnies in the weapons category actually look cool as a visual graphic. The funny ax is called the Piko Piko Hammer that requires a rare item to create and makes a squeky “piky piky” sound when you attack. The frying pan requires two rare items to create and makes a “sizzling” sound when you attack. The Deck Brush is the spear weapon funny in Castlevania Curse of Darkness. You know, a deck brush like the ones that pirates used to swab the deck or your Dad uses to sweep the garage. This is one fun weapon to use. Champion gloves allow you to become a champion boxer in five seconds or less or die trying. No, not really but these are the weakest of all the punching weapons in the game.

Then there is an entire weapons category called “special weapons”. Yes, these other weapons mentioned sound quite special but these next weapons are categorized as such. The Electric Guitar is one of the favorites here. Melt faces with your face melting solo, then jump and attack for the guitar smashing finish! You play this weapon poorly at best and the weapon is slow but a whole lot of fun. Fire Flask is a molten cocktail, the Bat is too awesome with its spikes, way slow but good for knocking enemies back off you when they get too much and you need just that split second to regroup.

The importance of weapon combining and upgrading your weapons is not only the damage which is given but some enemies are weaker against one weapon as opposed to another. for instance, Gaibon is weaker against spears but a Final Guard would be weaker against a mace.

Weapon types effect how your innocent devils evolve or mature. The innocent devils are helpers or friends you find throughout the game to assist you during battles and for healing. The base battle type innocent devil, Magnard, will evolve into either a Speedmail or Golem depending on which weapon is used and then those will evolve into something else. The Golem will mature into the Legendary Iytei (pronounced E-Tay) or Juggernaut first and then into the Legendary Ironside or Legendary Liquid Golem. Legendaries are apex predators and do not evolve anymore. Iytai is the weakest of the Legendary Battle type innocent devils but is most useful. Each type of innocent devil can do it’s own thing. Some fairy types open chests and heal you. Their are four Legendary Fairy types and each has it’s own special ability. One has an ability called “Press It and See” which you need to get to a secret area in the game to enable. Another can read ancient runes on the walls and one more can make you invisible. The fourth Fairy type is the Legendary and is going to remain a mystery. It is a task just getting the innocent devils or ID’s to Legendary status.

Bird type ID’s have five Legendaries and the Bird does what you’d think, allows you to fly over short distances. Mage types has four Legendaries and can stop time with one able to purify undead. Those pesky Blood Skellies won’t die without it! The Devil types have only one Legendary and you need a weapon called the Chauve Souris. Oops, enough spoilers but it certainly is a needed piece of information and will save you from visiting Game Faqs more than necessary.

You can have only one innocent devil out at any given time in your particular deck with you at all times, you can carry six. The others get stored at Julia’s Shop located in Baljhet Mountains for your safe keeping and to breed them. While these innocent devils fight they drop things called devil shards. By devil forging allows you to create a new ID of the same type as the parent and the spawn will become become stronger than the parent! Taking the devil shards to Julia and either selling them or forging them will gain you money or a new innocent devil.

The premiere elite Battle type innocent devil would be an Ironside for three consecutive generations, being born from a level sixty Ironside that dropped the devil shard each time. This would be impressive on its own but, after the third generation Ironside, have it drop a level sixty devil shard and breed that one as a Rasetz until level sixty again dropping a devil shard. Take that last one and breed to be a Rasetz! This is the uber creation! This fifth gem will be sweet. Shelling out damage its aura blast will do upwards of five hundred damage to each enemy. Its glow soul ability is quite impressive for certain.

Always remember where you’re going by checking the map often as it is easy to turned around. Castlevania Curse of Darkness is challenging fun for players who get into the details or just a relaxing time for casual game play for video games and gaming choices.

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