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Video Games and Gaming

Video Games and Gaming is an awesome source to put your stuff all together neatly in one page, one topic, one category! We did just this with a Video Games and Gaming page.


Ogre Island is an outstanding free to play MMORPG! Get ready for adventure with trolls, hill giants, dragons, skeletons, zombies, imps, farm animals, and dungeons. Start off with a choice of basic skills. Choose three different ones with choices like swordmanship, magic of all kinds, alchemy, and fishing.

As you continue through the wilderness meeting players, battling monsters, finding ancient tomes of wisdom be sure to keep a keen look out for some special players! The most skilled player in the game though not the highest level (timetogonow) is a very intense and highly adept player (we wish the return).

An incredible time for party pwnage with Fliping at Misties has been enjoyed by some.” READ MORE

And What about as well! Another awesome micro mini blog type site to house all of your relevant information on one topic for easy viewing for yourself and to share with others who enjoy your subject!

Squidoo Ogre Island

Squidoo Ogre Island

Ogre Island

Noobie Tips

“The biggest tip I or anyone could give you is to read everything on before you actually create a character. Also, visiting for an intense look at some additional instruction will give you a much greater chance to enjoy the gameplay, get involved in meaningful chat sessions, and actually survive this game.

If you don’t have a feel for the game in advance, you may not be happy with the skill choices your character has, you won’t really have a basis to decide which race, weapon and trade skills, or name you even want.

Let’s start with your character name. Capitalize the first letter of your new characters name, but it is best not to put your whole name in caps and typing all in caps is just common sense for any chat room or forum. It comes across as you are shouting, and shouting isn’t pleasant.” READ MORE

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