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Jade Empire

Jade Empire

An overview of the character selection with the RPG Jade Empire:

Scholar Ling – Magic Type

Lu The Prodigy – Balanced Type

Wu The Lotus Blossom – Balanced type

Furious Ming – Fast type

Tiger Shen – Strong Type

Radient Jen Zi – Fast Type

If you are a Kung Fu Movie -Era Style game Fan, then you will also be a great fan of Jade Empire 🙂

Press and hold the white button to heal yourself with your magical energy.

A story unfolds as you play the game, starting out in Master Li’s Martial Arts School. A one player mature rated game. Read, inspect, and talk to everyone (even twice).

White Demon- Extreme Slow but Extreme Damage Foot Style

Legendary Strike- 2nd fastest normal attack and fastest power attack in the game.

Name your character or hit the random button for some awesome coolest of names (for certain keep clicking even if you already have a good name, these are great).

Read the overview while the game loads here.

Choose your replies to conversations wisely. Follow the way of the open palm or closed fist based on your choices, otherwise, your starting styles are chosen for you by way of the pre-formed character selections listed in the beginning.

Starting Stlyes:

Heavenly Wave- automatically chosen support style for you.

Martial Styles:

Thousand Cuts- Fast and Wild Hand Style

Leaping Tiger- Somewhat fast, damaging, crazy, hand style

Customize Character:

4 points to distribute between body, spirit, and mind.

Extreme Specialization is where you place all your extra points in one (either mind, spirit, or body)

Minor specialization is if you place 2 extra points in one category.

Normal Specialization is just splitting up evenly the points between mind, spirit, and body.

If you customize you get to choose your Martial Arts Style.

Lion Figures and Statue The Gaze of the Lion 🙂

Check out the statue in Master Li’s room, place the statues on the alter (not all at the same time, figure out the pattern to win a special help)

Techniques: Under character record you can only learn about a certain amount of techniques, so choose the right ones for you.

First weapons choice is between the sword or the staff. Neither is better, personal choice here.

Follow the story when the bandits come, venture through the towns and find secrets, hidden objects until you save the Jade Empire!

While in the school, you can spar for practice with the other students (choose one good one). Speak to a “named” student (example Student-Wen) before speaking to someone named just student.

Gain experience for winning sparring and defeating world enemies in the Jade Empire.

Student – Master – Grand Master Combat difficulties 🙂

You can’t really control the followers you get but you can control how they act. Dawn Star will be your first follower no matter which character you use or create.

Focus mode is great but eats your focus, using weapons also uses focus.

Conversation skills of Charm, Intuition, and Intimidation.

Running faster in the world is as easy as pressing the Y button and will help but also will eat up your focus. Best to not use in dangerous areas.

Gao the lesser is a minor enemy but an irritant.

“Not Every Setback Inparts Wisdom”

Enjoy Jade Empire,

Dalton Haile aka Wyverex Google Me

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