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Southern Vale Ogre Island

Southern Vale Ogre Island

The home of some of the “Elite” of Ogre Island, Southern Vale calls the adventurous to its towns walkways. Equipped with a full service bank; potion vendor; arrow and warlock vendors; rose bushes, grape vines, blueberry bushes, and a pumpkin patch; stoves and a cooking fire; with easy access to Myer Falls; plenty of enemies to enhance your excitement; and a short (but treacherous) excursion to the south to Dragon Vale or to the north west towards Mhorinia. Travel outside the gate and a bit north to the Werewolf Lair or to the east into the Rover and Worm laden Wastelands where the Wizard Tower, Worm Lair, Thak Kaar, and Lome await hungrily your visit 🙂

A peek into Southern Vale is an easy goal to achieve. Step into the free warp hut located in Underleaf and arrive safely in the beautiful town of Southern Vale. Keep in mind that both Underleaf and Southern Vale are PVP (player vs. player) towns where unsuspecting noobers have been known to wander across a major pwnage player. No worries if you die though, you just end up back at the town you attuned your life force to via the numerous life stones on the island.

*Here’s a tip: When you take the free warp back to Underleaf (recall a PVP area) if you survived death in Southern Vale and do not wish to die when you get into Underleaf, take your warp key and step into the nearby warp hut to go someplace safe 🙂 Many major high veterans of Ogre Island also call Underleaf home 🙂

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