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Castlevania Curse of Darkness is a one player XBox RPG.



No blood to speak of, but the enemies and verbage make this a for teens and up game.

“I was evil and renounced my powers.” Hector (you)

New Game: Enter a save file name like every Castlevania Game, not a character name because every Castlevania has a set name for the character.

1476 Valachia

3 years have passed since Draculas curse came upon the land.

Isaac is the bad one who killed Hectors wife Rosalie.

Devil Forging-Isaac uses it for his own gain.

Hector starts his quest in the abandoned castle and the first fight is with the executioner as soon as you enter.

You acquire the double jump ability from the start of the game.

Finding area maps is important for 100% completion of the game. some maps are quite difficult to find.

Cyclops will turn you to stone if you get hit with his purple laser beam thing, don’t step where the laser beam hits either because more purple light will come out of the ground and turn you to stone as well.

A lot of jumping and double jumping helps because Cyclops is rather slow, but a powerful attacker.

Happen upon a chest that you cannot open because you need your first innocent devil type, the Fairy.

More to come on Castlevania Curse of darkness tips tomorrow 🙂

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