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Sudeki is a challenging and fun RPG rated M for XBox systems.

A bit about Sudeki, the name.

Sudeki is the name of the original world before it split in two.

The main PC’s (player characters) in Sudeki are Tal, Elco, Bukki, and Ailish.

Aklorians are the enemy creatures from another world.

Illumina Castle is the Heart of the Bright Empire.

Weaponsmiths do not sell or create weapons, they enchant weapons and armor.

Finding chests, be sure to talk to everyone in town even the little kids 🙂

Books on the pedestal is a save point.

Rent a tavern room and heal everyone in your party.

Break Pots 🙂 Acquire stuff like chests.

Kamo’s emporium – Kamo is an anthropomorphic duck who owns every item shop in the game sells some of the best weapons in the game.

Some ranged weapons have a fire rate.

Time trials – press buttons or set off by talking to someone. Opens doors or if you just need to get somewhere fast throughout the game.

Aklorians come when the skies darken, shoot balls of energy out of their swords.

Take totems to coresponding shrines. Two shrines for every type of totem. Four types of totems in total. One type for every character.  Wolf -Tal, Dragon – Elco or Bukki ?, Eagle – Ailish,  Cat – Elco or Bukki ?

From Start Button Menu –

Monster Compendium – tips on how to kill which enemies

Armor Menu – Tells which armor you are wearing currently and what armor has been upgraded.

Weapons Menu – weapons you own currently.

Items Menu – hotspot items.

Advancements Menu – upgrade health, skill points, power and essence. Get extra skills that you use your skill points to activate.

Valuables – Things you can sell or trade.

Scroll Valuables and Quest Items – you cannot sell or trade.

World Maps

Haskilia – World

Illumina – Country – Region

New Brightwater – Country – Region

Options Menu – Quest Log

Tal says stuff like “In The Bag” when he gets 100 florins from a chest.

Each character has a special ability that only they can do.

Tal can move heavy objects.

Ailish can dispel magic.

Bukki can climb walls with her claws.

Elco flys using jet pak.

Special chests have Golden Eagles and hold special rare items like weapons and or bs 🙂 You may not get your chosen characters weapon.

Spirit Strikes – Tetsu/ Karaston The wolf is Tals ancestor and he gives Tal armor.

You can call on Spirit Strike anytime your spirit bar is golden.

Ailish says “Oooohhh presents” when she opens a chest with 100 florins.

Three valuable traders in game. Fur Trader, Scaley Hide Trader, Gem Trader.

Eagle totem goes with Ailish.

Certain buildings that you enter, your group doesn’t enter with you.

Always begin the game with Tal and add as you go Ailish, Bukki, and Elco.

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