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The original XBox One Player RPG is the one we are going to talk about tonight 🙂


There is also Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Ninja Gaiden Black but thought we would focus on our favorite.

Choose normal or Hard mode and Ninja your way through the make-shift tutorial. The Pink Kunai (a Ninja Thrown Dagger) will lead the way with tips and recommendations. A Castlevania “feel” but with fighting and controls styles completely unique. Button Mashers Need Not Apply 🙂 This is why Wavecritter “watched” this one played and the reason there is no “Easy” mode 🙂

Gain Karma by pulling off big combos and staying inside your time modes.

Gain Essence (also a currency) by killing enemies. The yellow glowing orbs absorbed into you after a kill 🙂

Random chests … find them and open (no brainer lol) but find as many as you can as much needed items are located in them.

Saves are found by locating the Floating Dragon Statues. Save often (again, no brainer).

Listen into our Video Games and Gaming show on Ninja Gaiden for much more in the way of tips and game play suggestions.

Dalton and Stephanie Haile aka Wyverex and Wavecritter Google Us 🙂

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