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Elf City Ogre Island

Elf City Ogre Island


One of the newer cities, Elf City, located in Ogre Island, the MMORPG for the masses and more, is the ideal location for the carpenter, boyer, tailor, cook, alchemist or herbalist. There are tree houses situated throughout Elf City and ladders to reach the elevated wooden walkway. 2 mystery trees housing a blue and gold crystal inside are yet to be known what these crystals will be able to do. Rose bushes are spotted along the East trail toward the Master Trainer as well as some well placed Orc Militia and Imps. Go South to the town of Noradaar Fortress to the free warp to Under Leaf or venture North to the Cave of the Undead.

At present, no player homes have been built in Elf City. No word yet whether there will ever be but the amount of pine and oak trees scattered about Elf City makes this Woodly the Sawdust Taco’s Dream city (even though Woodly is a Dwarf 🙂

Color Key:

Light Blue: Water

Dark Blue: Tree with Blue Crystal Inside

Grey: House or Statue

Brown: Tree houses, Carpentry Table, Boyer Table, Elevated Walkway

Red: Fire or Stove for Cooking

Peach: Alchemy Table, Tailor Loom, Herbalist Table

Dark Green: Trees

Light Green: Grassy areas

Yellow: Fairies, Yellow Crystal inside a Tree house

Purple: Tree House Access to Grimwald Hold and Binx Sewers

Dalton and Stephanie Haile aka Wyverex and Wavecritter and sometimes Woodly

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