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Noobie Tips

Ogre Island Surfcritter

Ogre Island Surfcritter

The biggest tip I or anyone could give you is to read everything on before you actually create a character. Also, visiting for an intense look at some additional instruction will give you a much greater chance to enjoy the gameplay, get involved in meaningful chat sessions, and actually survive this game.

If you don’t have a feel for the game in advance, you may not be happy with the skill choices your character has, you won’t really have a basis to decide which race, weapon and trade skills, or name you even want.

Let’s start with your character name. Capitalize the first letter of your new characters name, but it is best not to put your whole name in caps and typing all in caps is just common sense for any chat room or forum. It comes across as you are shouting, and shouting isn’t pleasant.

Get comfortable with clicking around and explore Ogre Island to discover things as you go along.

Start in the towns of Binxonia (Binx) or Plymouth Warf (PW). Under Leaf is one of the PVP (Player vs Player) towns and you might find yourself in a battle. You will want to level first. Binx and PW are quite large towns and will give you a great deal of room to roam and discover banks, potion vendors, homes, woodland creatures, dungeons, crypts, and mines.

Being friendly and courteous of other players is a must in any social situation and will make your time spent at Ogre Island great fun.

Requesting free items from high level players is never a good idea. They worked very hard to acquire the items they have. …Now, that being said, they have been known “to lend a hand” from time to time. Don’t beg and you might be one of the lucky ones that gets that helping hand. In order to stand out in Ogre Island present yourself as pleasant but keep in mind that the other players are also trying to have fun and actually play, so keep your questions to things you cannot readily find on this site or the others mentioned here.

Getting to level 4: With your chosen weapon, seek out the wildlife like deer, chickens, seagulls, crab, and squirrels. Or try to finish of an Imp or two. With your trade skill choice (sheep shearing, lumberjacking, mining, tool or weapon smithing to name a few), shear, chop wood, or mine your way to level 4. Or do a combination of the talents, but get to level 4 while you get familiar with the game.

When you “do away” with the local wildlife, items will appear in a floating chest above your dead. Click the item and then click again to drop it into your own chest to the right of the playscreen under character inventory. Be sure to do this quickly, as there may be more critters attacking you.

The more strength you have, the more weight you will be able to carry, endurance increases your natural stat restoration or how fast your HP, MP, and Stamina regenerate while you are standing still, dexterity increases your melee defenses, speed increases your attack speed slightly, intelligence allows you to learn spells from scrolls and use enchanted weapons spells, and magic allows you to cast certain level spells. So, put your focus points in HP first, then according to your skill choices.

Now what, I am at Level 4, I need money? Ok, you need money, this is how to get it: Go in and out of the noober dungeon in Plymouth Warf a few times. Sell your items that you pick up at any vendor by placing the item in the little box in the lower right hand corner (says Sell).

Get a horse to ride and a packy as soon as you can. It makes travel much faster and easier and it doubles your money making abilities allowing you to hold more vendor-able items between trips from the dungeon to the vendor.

Save, Save, Save for a 4c weapon of your choice or a 4c trade tool if you wish to specialize in the trades, but it is best to get the weapon first.

Weapon skills include sword which is encompasses all bladed weapons like Katana, short and long sword, Rapier, and the Kryss. Mace skill is self explanatory. Ax skill, also self explanatory. Then there are the ranged skills. Each ranged weapon has its own skill. The short bow, the long bow, and then the cross bows are all meshed together and you need to locate arrows for use. The spear skill, not really worth doing. The dagger skill, the fastest weapon skill in the game, but the least damage doing.

Armor choice, because you come into the game basically in an undershirt and pants, or without any Armor at all, you will need to purchase some Armor. Here are your choices: Mage Armor will be made yourself with the tailor skill or bought from other players for about 2k to approx. 80k (give or take what the player asks for, don’t quote me:). Mage Armor is the weakest melee defense Armor but has excellent magic defense. Archer Armor is a bit more expensive than Mage Armor, but gives better melee defenses along with ok magic defense, but is the best Armor for someone who does not know exactly what skills they will have in the future. Metal Armor or Warrior Armor is heavy first of all, do not carry around needless pieces of this type of Armor because it will cause you to be weighed down and moving slow. This Armor is absolutely the most expensive but you can make it yourself with the Armor smith skill. This, along with the other Armor comes in many different types, each type granting better defenses than the previous starting with Iron. Moving to Silver, Gold, and then Titanium. Titanium grants interesting magic defense as well as insane melee defense but is quite costly and cumbersome.

Trade skills, please don’t believe that they are not important because they will be later, just not early in the game so much unless you are a lumberjack to build your home, or a tailor to make your own Knick Mage Armor. As you play, think about what skills go together (like mining and smithing, shearing and tailor) and decide which trade skills you want to learn.

Once you level to 15, a whole new area opens up for you to explore safely, it’s called Huntington (and the surrounding areas).

Print the map found on the community screen, it’s the whose online visual map, it will help you immensely.

Enjoy your time at OgreIsland, CU there 😉

Stephanie and Dalton Haile aka Wavecritter and Wyverex Google Us

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