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Morrowind Elder Scrolls III

Morrowind Elder Scrolls III

Morrowind, the fantasy RPG played on XBox and PC gaming systems.

Guilds: Can only join 1 house but All 4 guilds

Fighters and Mages Guilds have equipment chests holding potions and random equipment for all members. Mages Guilds = Transportation and Spell Making.

Fighters Guild = Money Guild. Get Paid for Quests.

Theives Guilds = Why should you belong? If you accidently commit a crime, you can visit a certain member in Balmora in the South wall corner club in the basement (named Phane Rielle) to get the bounty off you.

Morag Tong Guild = Also a money guild but much more difficult and greater rewards.

3 Major house – Hlaalu (Theif); Redoran (Fighters); Telvani (Mage) Hard to join they don’t like outlanders.

*If you want to be a major player in the politics of Morrowind ie) have your own Mansion provided with servants and trainers, The Fighter and Mage Guilds are easiest to attain rank in with the Theives Guild and Morag Tong being more difficult.

The Speechcraft skill is essential if you are going to be a member of the Morag Tong.

Government facilities to join:

Tribunal Temple – Something I don’t suggest because the first quest with them is highly dangerous putting you in immediate peril. A Guild to join after beating main quest.

The Imperial Legion – Basically being a member of “The Law” … like Judge Dredd “I Am The Law” 🙂

Vivec – The Biggest City in Vvardenfell. Along the Southern Coast with 9 different Cantons:

Foreign Quarter – Major Guild Locations Trade Area

Redoran Canton – House Redoran Represented

Telvani Canton – House Telvani Represented

Hlaalu Canton – House Hlaalu Represented

Saint Olms Canton – Minor Housing Areas

Arena – Formal Duels Where Morag Tong is Located

Saint Delyn – Minor Housing Area

Temple – Belongs to the Tribunal Temple

Palace – Not Really a Canton, but a Palace Where Lord Vivec Lives.

*Being certain that your purchased game includes the paper map will assist your travels greatly in Morrowind. Across the paper map there are little black X’s in the water, those are shipwreck areas.

Glitches: If you wish to glitch by a Soul Trap Spell – Every glitch in the game must include a Soul Trap Spell on target for 1 second that will beat the end of the glitch spell. When you are casting a glitch spell, be sure you are in 1st person mode looking directly down where your feet should be located.

Glitch spells can be done with stat boosting spells. any spell that says “Fortify” and a number of different spell types. Found this out at

Jump Glitch – Buy a spell of tinurs hoptoad, experiment with it, find a good point base that you like to jump at, I recommend 20.  Remeber to have soul trap on target at the end of the spell.

There are other glitch spells that you will find as you go. I recommend that you find a good health glitch that you like.

This ought to get you started in Morrowind Elder Scrolls but listen into Video Games and Gaming Morrowind Online radio for more.

Tonight we speak on the dreaded MORROWIND! An Elder Scrolls Game, The Third In The series. Open Ended Game so you can never truly beat this one. REPLAY VALUE IS HIGH!”

Dalton and Stephanie Haile aka Wyverex and Wavecritter Google Us 🙂

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