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Just up! 10pm 11/2/2010 … Dynasty Warriors Online, Tactical Combat MMO! Prepare for War taking the fight online in a variety of exciting multiplayer modes. Combo attacks!

Aeria Games, All Games are Free to Play =)

The short list of some of aeria games:

Shaiya Fantasy MMORPG, Last Chaos Fantasy MMORPG, DDTank Turn Based Action Game, Legendary Champions Fantasy MMORPG, Wolf Team First Person Shooter MMO … too much fun 😉 Also Browser Based Games and Mini Games, but let’s check out Dynasty Warriors Online =)

“Nearly two decades have passed since the collapse of the Han Dynasty and the death of the usurper Dong Zhuo. War has engulfed all of China, and the fallen empire has splintered into competing regions in the possession of rival warlords and generals, each vying for territorial control.” Get Ready for Greatness! Visit Dynasty Warriors Online for more on the storyline background.

Characters like-

Cao Cao

A brilliant military strategist and feared presence on the battlefield. The leader of Wei surrounds himself with many capable officers. He has no qualms with making choices some would consider cruel in order to achieve his ambitions.

Cao Pi

The son of Cao Cao is known for his pride and lust for power. Some would say the extent of his ambition surpasses even his father’s. Although a loyal son, there is nothing Cao Pi would not do to exceed his father’s legend.

Zhen Ji

The alluring but cold-hearted wife of Cao Pi comes from noble heritage and a spoiled upbringing. Her alluring presence and lethal fighting skills make for a dangerous combination.

To find the system requirements visit Dynasty Warriors Online =)

Video Games and Gaming

Wyverex and Wavecritter


  1. Don’t miss out on the DWO open beta contest to win an Alienware gaming laptop!


  2. It’s a cool game.


  3. Wow


  4. I must admitt i’m interested in this dynasty warriors game. What can i say…passion, passion, passion for games!


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