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Castlevania Curse of Darkness

Castlevania Curse of Darkness

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Ok, so you happen upon a chest that you can’t open because you are in need of your first innocent devil type “The Fairy”.

Zead is not as he seems.

Naming your innocent devils is cool 🙂 You choose so be certain to click the start menu and the right trigger for innocent devil selection stat menu, health, level, attack, defense, magic, and agility, what attributes it levels up, also a crystal list (says EAT).

All innocent devils level up different stats differently, for instance, the Fairy levels up strength, constitution, and luck.

The Fairies usefulness at first is minimal but it can open chests and heal you a bit (20 points).

Every time you use an innocent devils ability its health goes down. You remedy this by collecting heart containers ( just like the ones in all Castlevania Games ). The hearts don’t come until the innocent devils do. This is one of the reasons why Castlevania Curse of Darkness is so cool, the “people” or innocent devils who help you fight and you aren’t all alone.

Every innocent devil type has at least four Legendary innocent devils.

Mentioning the Legendary innocent devils, I should say that innocent devils evolve by eating weapon crystals found by defeating enemies.

Clicking the back button will give you a map of where you currently are ( the key hole shaped rooms are save rooms and an orange icon at your feet and bluish door indicates a save room ).

Hector and the innocent devils are fully healed as soon as you enter a save room.

To activate save, walk up to the big chair with wings, press the B button, and Hector sits with options for save data or register Memorial Ticket location ( registers this save location as the Memorial Ticket location where every time you use a Memorial Ticket you will return to that particular save spot ).

Random chairs for sitting throughout the game are available. The chairs unlock ( if you sit in every chair throughout the game, including Draculas Throne ) it unlocks a special chair next time you play through, an “Easter Egg” chair, a special surprise, ( hidden things in game are called Easter Eggs by gamers and programmers ). You can find hidden walls, messages on walls, a hidden innocent devil type called the Pumpkin Type which takes a special weapon to get called the Pumpkin Mace.

Weapons Combining, Types, and much more tips and tricks about innocent devils coming soon 🙂

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