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Massively Multi Player Online Role Playing Games continue to be a major draw to the Internet.  The Social Network Gaming wave has taken the Internet by storm and does not look to be releasing it anytime soon 🙂

With the intricacies of the financial stability of the Virtual Worlds and Gaming Realms you actually learn a lot about the relative Global Economies of the World. Economics class could never be this much fun 🙂

The Social structures, hierarchies, and leadership capabilities, and status’s found, created, assumed and attained by the “Toons” , “Players”, or “Characters” out there in Virtual Realityville sometimes exceed or exchange reality for these Virtual World members. The Sociological studies that could be completed here in the MMORPG World, Lands, and Communities actually hold a sense of “Reality” in the mix.

These “Dream” people house not only the goals and aspirations in their intricate design, but reflect the inner most workings of the self. The brilliant graphics, scenery, towns, and item creations that each individual member seeks is a study of human realation on its own 🙂

My choice for Virtual Reality is of course Its simplistic nature, variety of action choices, complex and unique items, and friend based Social structure appeal to me greatly.

Sites like World of Warcraft appeal to others with its high graphic interpretations, intricate chat features, and Global dominations.

Whatever your game, enjoy and learn from your chosen MMORPG.

Stephanie Haile aka Wavecritter Google me 🙂

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